Who Am I?

A writer, travel enthusiast, coffee snob, content creator and… I do quite a bit of fitness because I love food quite a lot.

I write blog posts, travel diaries, things about nutrition, short stories and most importantly, things about life.

People know that I like to think a bit differently and look at everything from a positive side.

Also, I like to present myself as a bit different.

I like fitness but I love croissants more.

I do weightlifting but I don’t eat meat.

I like to be independent and move every 6 months (on average).

I like spontaneous trips and I’m not afraid to show what I think.

I am very honest about everything.

About one night stands and about spoonfuls of peanut butter I eat when no one is looking.

About being overworked, frustrated and having a fucked up idea about love.

And I can write about all those things with a flair that is relatable and easy to read.

So I’ve been told.

Expect authenticity and original content.