‘Moments Of Being Human’: Shiraz

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She was excited to see him again.

It took them some time to synchronise their schedules and find a mutual night off.

She had such a good time on the first date.

It’s refreshing to meet someone with whom she had stuff to talk about.

You know, rather than the boring small talk and stories from the weekend.

I mean, he’s writing a book.

That got her.

At first, she was confused that he didn’t try to kiss her at the end of the night.

But then she realised.

That might be a good thing.

This didn’t feel like a hook up.

That’s when she realised that she was maybe ready for someone to actually care about her again.

They met in the city and went for a bite to eat.

It’s kind of bad but she let him decide on the place because she wanted to judge him based on the spot.

Then they went for a drink.

“I’m gonna get a vodka lime and soda, what would you like.”

Her heart sank a little bit.

Flavourless. Basic. Calorie conscious. Average. Boring.

“I’ll get a glass of Shiraz, thanks.”

She was asking him how is he structuring the story in his book.

I mean, you couldn’t pick a subject that she would be more passionate to talk about.

And yet, she kept zoning out.

He made her laugh.

But, not in a way that made her blush at the same time.

Before she knew it, she found herself doing it again.

She guided the conversation in a way that made it easy for her not to tell him anything personal about herself.

She was getting so good at it that she wasn’t even doing it consciously anymore.

Her taste in men was similar as her taste in red wine.

She wasn’t into mellow, smooth, neutral and easy drinking.

She wanted spicy, flavourful, punchy with a strong after taste.

“Nice” just actually bored her.

If you weren’t asking her direct questions, proactive, passionate and a little bit too daring and naughty, it wasn’t gonna work.

She knew that.

Couldn’t change it either.

She could sense him getting closer as the night went on.

Finally, he leaned in and kissed her.

They got carried away for a few minutes.

A good kisser always gets her curious.

“How are you getting home? I live closeby, I’m just gonna walk.”

“I’ll just call an Uber but I can walk with you for a bit, I’m not in a rush.”

As she said that, she actually hated the fact that it was gonna be that easy if she wanted to.

“Do you want to wait upstairs for your Uber?”

She walked in and she was left speechless.

There were massive french windows along the whole living room leading up to the balcony, overlooking the whole city’s skyline.


“Do you like the view?” he asked with a cheeky smile and turned off the lights inside.

They walked out to the balcony and for a second she felt like she was starring in the most cliche love scene.

Except for the love part.

Cliche or not, kisses on the balcony with a beautiful skyline view are romantic as fuck.

And she thought, when is the next time I’ll be able to do this again?

Living for the moment.

An hour later, he was sofltly kissing her on her shoulder as he was lying next to her.

“Sorry I’ve kept you up for so long.”

She wasn’t sorry.

“Nah, you can stay for as long as you like.”

“It’s okay, I’m gonna go.”

Doing this was one thing but waking up at the other side of the city the next day, having an ackward morning conversation, not her usual breakfast and probably have to skip training, that’s another thing.

She opened the app on her phone and typed in the home address.

As he was kissing her good night she knew she’s never gonna see him again.

He was too nice, too mellow, too boring, too much of a good boy for her.

More of a Pinot Noir than a Shiraz.

  During the ride home, she thought about it.


Girls have the right to only take what they want too.

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