I’ve Reviewed FOUR CROSSFIT Boxes I’ve Been To In Melbourne

CrossFit boxes are a little bit different than normal gyms. You don’t go there just to work out with your headphones on and leave.

Atmosphere, vibes, people, space, coaching, programming. All that stuff is important, you know.

And I’ve been to quite a few boxes in different countries. To be honest, I love all of them. But each of them is a different experience.

So, not in order to save some money (okay, a little bit, but that was only an added bonus), when I moved to Melbourne, I did a trial at four different Crossfit boxes which were close to my area.

I’m posting this, not in order to criticise any of them. I enjoyed them all. But in case someone in Melbourne is thinking about trying Crossfit or just visiting the city and looking for the box that they’d enjoy the most, that’s for you.

Disclaimer: bear in mind that in some of these boxes, I only had one class, so all I write here is very subjective and my available input limited.

Spoiler alert: I joined CrossFit Balaclava at the end. 🙂

CrossFit Vault Performance

  • Offer free trial (any day)
  • CBD location – very central, perfect for people working in the city
  • Booking the classes online through Wodify
  • Coaching was great, the class felt like it was very well structured and timed, even though the programming for the day was VERY packed, there was precise time frame for everything and the class lasted EXACTLY 1 hour, it was pretty impressive, to be honest
  • Might be a good place to meet new people because of it’s location – people who are just visiting the city
  • Underground space
  • Showers? Yes
  • Lots of class options, a lot of open gym times
  • Membership cost: $219/on month to month contract, $165/a month for 3 classes a week
  • Website: Vault Performance
  • Address: level b/224 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Instagram: @crossfitvlt
  • (Extra points for) designated changing and showers area that will remind you of a commercial gym a little bit (actual mirrors and stuff, crazy I know, haha)

CrossFit St Kilda

  • Offer free trial on any Wednesday class 
  • St Kilda location
  • No online booking – just turn up; no online leaderboard
  • Design of the gym is amazing
  • Kids creche available at certain times
  • Lots of classes (not sure about the open gym hours)
  • Showers? Yes
  • Designated mobility classes on weekdays and weightlifting twice a week
  • Everyone was really friendly
  • Membership cost: $125/ fortnightly direct debit 
  • Website: CrossFit St Kilda
  • Address: 362 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182
  • Instagram: @crossfitstkilda
  • Extra points for the look and the branding

CrossFit South Yarra

  • Offers free trial WEEK!!!!
  • Good location close to Chapel street
  • No online booking – just turn up
  • Amazing community feel, everyone knew each other well, very friendly atmosphere (teasing each other during the warm up etc.) and supported each other during WODs
  • Amazing coaching – great mobility drills at the start of every class, great weightlifting coaching
  • Showers? Yes
  • Lots of classes, one hour of open gym in the afternoon, Crossfit kids, ROMWOD once a week
  • Membership cost: $240/ a month
  • Website: CrossFit South Yarra
  • Address: 56 Porter St, Prahran VIC 3181
  • Instagram: @crossfitsouthyarra
  • Extra points for Ben’s coaching AND I also PR’ed my squat snatch by 5kg during one of the classes (50kg) and I still don’t understand how 

CrossFit Balaclava

  • Offers free trial (any day, sign up online)
  • Amazing space!!! Really big, A LOT of equipment and machines (rowers, bikes, rings etc.)
  • Additional space for ‘traditional gym training’ – dumbbels, cable machine, bench, treadmill etc. (which is awesome, you hardly ever see that in Crossfit gyms), so you’ll appreciate that if you still need some of that pump 🙂
  • Online booking through Zen Planner – online leaderboard, tracking your results, viewing the WOD the night before;
  • Great community, lots of amazing athletes
  • Amazing coaches, lots of them still actively competing in CrossFit, some of them have been to CrossFit Regionals and Games as well!!
  • Showers? Yes
  • Lots of classes, a lot of open gym hours, weightlifting class once a week, gymnastics once a week
  • Additional 1-to-1 PT sessions available with the coaches 
  • Membership cost: $115/ fortnightly direct debit, $105/ 3 classes a week
  • Website: CrossFit Balaclava
  • Address: 16-20 William St, Balaclava VIC 3183
  • Instagram: @crossfitbalaclava
  • I’ve joined this one so it’s a winner for me 🙂


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