I’ve Asked My Melbourne Friends Where In Australia I Should Move To Next

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got mad love for Melbourne.

But if I am in Oz only for a limited amount of time, I want to try other places too.

And one thing I didn’t know before I moved here was that every city is a different kind of Australia.

Before, I thought that there is Sydney and everything else is similar, only smaller and less popular.

That’s very far from the truth.

Every part of Australia is soo different.

So I started asking my friends in Melbourne where should I move to next.

And soon I noticed that the responses were very contradictory but also pretty funny because all of them were based on their personal experience.

So I thought I put all the snippets together to give you a taste of Australia and maybe have a laugh as well.

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“If you want a beach city, go to Gold Coast, you’ll love it.”

“There’s nothing special in Brisbane. I think it’s a place you can totally skip when travelling the East coast.”

“Cairns is pretty boring but we were joking that it’s less boring than Brisbane.”

“Go to Byron Bay, 100%, you’d love it there.”

“The rent in Bondi is 300 dollars a week, it’s fucked.”

“I compare Gold Coast beaches to touristy beaches in Spain, just lots of people sunbathing, way too crowded.”

“Sydney is hectic.”

“In Cairns, everybody calls you a backpacker.”

“Don’t go anywhere. Melbourne is the best.” (repeated by almost everyone)

“Beaches in Perth are the most beautiful in Australia.”

“You’d love Bondi. I think it would really suit you.”

“Byron bay is so hippie. Everyone is high.”

“Gold Coast is very fake. Moving from Melbourne to Gold Coast is like moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas. Yeah, you don’t want that.”

“You seem like a Sydney person.”

“Perth is a grandma’s town.”

“I don’t know about moving to Perth. I just know people usually move out of Perth.”

“Sydney is a cool place to visit but I wouldn’t move there.”

“Queensland is my favourite part of Australia. Everyone is super chilled.”

“My friend lives in Bondi. She says it’s cool but you’ll get sick of it. Everyone is so fake.”

“Don’t go to Perth. It’s so boring.”

“In Sydney, everyone just cares about looking good for the beach.”

“You’re gonna have a hard time finding a better city, you’ve started in the best one.”

“In Melbourne, you can wear and do whatever you want. Everyone is weird, it’s hipster, grunchy and cool. It’s not like that in Sydney.”

“Surfers paradise in Gold Coast, it’s the best place in Australia.”

“In Perth you have the beaches to yourself, it’s not crowded like Sydney.”

“Perth has the beaches and is so much cheaper than Sydney. It’s a win-win.”

“You’d love Bondi.”

“Wherever you decide to move, I’m sure you’ll have the best time.”


What do you think, where should I move to next?




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