How To Avoid The Insecurities Of Your Mid 20s

You’re supposed to have a serious job

Do you also dread that question?

‘So what do you want to do in life?’

During high school, you have no idea.

But no one does. So it’s okay.

During university a lot of people seem like they do.

But it’s fine, you’ll figure it out later.

Then you’re 25 and still nothing.


And the worst thing is that when others ask you that, they expect you to know!

The real fun starts when people similar in age say stuff like

 ‘I’m an investment banker.’

I mean, I don’t even know what that actually means.

Apart from what I gathered from Suits.

But it sure makes me feel like a loser.

What am I supposed to reply?

I literally make margaritas on the weekends. Lol


The truth is, a lot of the people that I’ve met and they have these ‘serious job titles’, most of them are 

sick of them.

They say they’re tired of the corporate world.

Or bored.

That they feel like they want to do something different.

Most of them actually have the same mindset as you.

And are still looking for that passion.

So where are you rushing?

To that point where you’re bored and hate your job?

To that point where you have zero freedom?

Chill. Enjoy the process, enjoy the possibilities.

You’re not supposed to rent a flat anymore

Look, this is a clear one for me.

Getting a mortgage is actually the representation of everything I don’t want in life.

Agreeing to something that will be forcing me to stay in the same place for the next 30 years making 

no real difference rather than the feeling that ‘I own it’?

Hell no. Thank you.

You’re supposed to be in a relationship

‘You’re smart, you’re pretty, you can cook, you’re cool, how come you’re still single?’

I don’t know.

I guess I’m overqualified? Haha

I’m at that stage of my life when most of my friends are going to weddings on the weekends.

People my age are hosting engagement parties.

My friends who were drinking 20 tequila shots a night two years ago are putting pictures of their newborn on Facebook.

WTF? When did that happen?

And you feel like a loser because you don’t even have a plus one to take to those weddings.

This one doesn’t bother me at all though.

I’m not one of those people who would settle for anything just in order to have something.

It’s cool that for some people, it seems to be really easy to get into a relationship.

But the fact that you aren’t doesn’t make you a loser.

Maybe it just means that your standards are higher.

I’m not afraid of commitment.

I’m afraid of wasting my time. 

Just the overall ‘you’re supposed to have your shit together’

I read the motivational crap about people who built their own business at 22.

How someone became a millionaire at 25.

Or others have started a family or something.

And I’m not even sure what country you want to live in.


I feel like we are constantly pushed to be chasing something.

To define ourselves in some sort of concept.

But listen.

There is no general timeline.

Finish high school by 18.

Finish uni by 23.

Then you’re free.

People are so fucking scared of that freedom.

Looking for the first possible stable ‘checkpoint’ in life.

So many people are so scared that they are ‘behind’.

Compared to what?

There is no general timeline to life.

It’s all in your head.

When nothing is certain.

Anything is possible.

The way I look at it.

Think about the time that you’ll be 40, settled, serious job, wife, kids, whatever.

And you’ll have to call a babysitter to go on a date night.

And it will have to be Saturday.

Because otherwise, you need to work the next day.

You’ll think about your 20-ties.

And wonder how on Earth could you have been stressing out about this so much?


You’re doing just fine.



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