How I Stopped Counting Macros Part II.: Why

In the first post I told you that I didn’t find tracking restrictive.

I wasn’t obsessive. I was fine.

So why?

Because it’s not like I was tracking for twelve weeks in order to lose weight and then got tired of it or anything.

And I’m sure fellow IIFYM-ers will relate.

I wasn’t counting because I needed to.

I was counting because it was a part of me now.

It was giving me a sense of control.

A sense of freedom.

A certainty that I’m fuelling my body properly.

And that’s hard to give up.

And I hadn’t been planning to.


A few months back, I started noticing that my daily energy expenditure is getting so much higher than normal.

And that’s not by exercising. 

But my NEAT (non-exercise-activity-thermogenesis) increased massively. 

Because I am active at work and often spend more than 8 hours on my feet, I also walk everywhere, train quite a lot and I am also very active in my free time, my daily steps are more than 25k on an average day and almost every day, I was burning over 3200kcal.

So I started noticing that on some of these days, I’m getting really really hungry.

And yes, I could’ve just increased my macros, which I initially have done.

But I also noticed that it’s actually not that simple, and my hunger is influenced by so many other factors than by the amount of calories burned…

I was less hungry if I have slept longer.

I was more hungry on rest days.

I was less peckish if I had a big portion of carbs after a workout.

Just in general, it became less and less predictable how much food I need in the system every day because my schedule varied massively, that’s why I started listening to my body more and followed macros less and less closely.


By actively incorporating loosely tracked days for the past year and a half I was actually training myself to ‘eat intuitively‘.

When eating out and estimating the macros and calories, I always put a big focus on how the meal made me feel and how long it satisfied me for

And you don’t need to weigh everything out in order to be able to tell whether a meal was carb or fat heavy or whether there was a lot of protein. 

It’s all in your head anyway.

And if one meal wasn’t really very rich in protein, then just make sure the next one is, right?

That’s what I was doing on days when estimating.

And it worked. 

So then I just thought to just try doing that the whole time.

Bear in mind, I didn’t stop tracking and then I started to eat doughnuts every day.


I still ordered poached eggs at a cafe.

I started buying [unknown macros] protein balls with my coffee.

I started drinking more coconut water.

I dipped strawberries in greek yoghurt while waiting for my dinner to cook.

I started eating more chickpeas. 

I sometimes didn’t have any meat in my salad.

I sometimes had goat’s cheese instead of eggs on top of my toast.

To be continued….



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