How I Stopped Counting Macros Part I.: I Didn’t Think I Would Be That Person

If you told me that I should try eating intuitively three months ago.

I’d be like ‘oh, shut up’ and do the biggest eye-roll ever.

I honestly never thought that I would be that person.

I didn’t find counting macros restrictive.

Or obsessive.

I found it natural.

It gave me a lot of freedom.

I could eat whatever I wanted, I knew when can I have more dessert.

I learnt to manipulate it and play with it to fit the foods I wanted to eat.

It was easy.

At the same time, I wasn’t obsessive.

Over the years I learnt how to estimate.

I wasn’t afraid of eating out at all.

I knew how to account for avocado toasts, acai bowls or doughnuts.

Sometimes, I made space in my macros for the beer I knew I wanted to drink later.

I didn’t freak out when I couldn’t weigh something out.

I knew how to construct a macro friendly dessert or a meal out of anything.

I knew what to do when I wanted to get shredded when that kind of stuff was my priority.

I knew exactly how to fuel my workouts to feel good, to perform well.

I incorporated loosely tracked days regularly.

I was very flexible. It didn’t stress me out at all.

I was fine.

Reading all that bullshit on Instagram how people listen to their body and eat intuitively.

It would make me cringe.

I would think: ‘yeah, maybe that’s good for you. But it’s not for me. I’m happy.’ 

I LOVED having a full control over what I’m putting into my body. 

Bear in mind, I never thought that it’s restricting me in any way.

It was normal.

I actually found it fun.

Remember when I’ve done that ‘supercompensation experiment’ before a photoshoot?

Eating sub 40g of carbs for 10 days and then refeeding a day before.

I actually enjoyed that so much that I’ve done carb-cycling for fun for a month after that. Lol

(You can read the post ‘12 Things I’ve Learned from Carb-cycling‘ here )

I’ve actually been counting macros for five years. 


What I’m trying to say is that I’m not over here preaching that counting macros is restrictive and not natural.

Nah, that’s not where this is coming from. 

I didn’t plan this. 

And yet

A month ago

I had my usual protein pancakes for breakfast.

I went to the beach for the whole day.

I knew I wanted to get an acai bowl for late lunch.

I had breakfast quite late and I purposely didn’t snack very much because I wanted to get an indulgent one. 

I knew that if I have that, estimate, go for a WOD and then just make sure I have a high protein dinner.

It would work out just fine.

It was a good one, chocolate acai bowl, with plant protein, granola, buckinis, peanut butter, half a doughnut and other goodies. 

It was pretty loaded.

Probably around 800-900kcal.

I even knew what protein they use and what brand of doughnut that was. 


I got my phone out to put it all in.

And then, I just thought:


And I haven’t opened My Fitness Pal since.

To be continued….



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