5 Things That I’m Working On In The Background

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I’m a big advocate of constant self-development.

And that doesn’t mean doing everything all your Instagram favourites are doing.

But developing the parts of your life that could benefit you specifically.

Trying different things and seeing whether it affects your life in a positive way.

That could be reading more books or spending less money.

Each to their own.

And I’ve recently realised that I don’t really share any of this “background” development stuff anywhere.

You may have noticed, I’m kind of over this Instagram oversharing and putting everything that goes through my head online.

I’m focusing more on working on all these things behind the scenes. 

But as some of you get my vibe and might be inspired by the things that I am working on at the moment, I’ll give you a little summary.

1. Filtering Instagram nonsense

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I think I’ve mentioned this before but in the past 6 months I’ve been putting conscious effort into filtering what am I exposing myself to on Instagram.

That means I’ve unfollowed all the people whose posts were making me feel bad about my life /body.

Not knowingly at all. But that’s just the effect their posts had on me.

Instagram models with effortless abs or people travelling to a different country every single month.

Or just people who are kind of too cocky, concerned with themselves or their language is too arrogant.

If it doesn’t give me positive energy, I don’t need that.

And you don’t either.

Look, you have the full power to choose what people you are exposing yourself to in your Instagram bubble. So choose wisely.

In the past few months, I’ve gradually gone from following 800 people to following 330 people. And 60% of them I probably know personally.

To be honest, I never browse Instagram feed anymore.

There is just too much nonsense that I don’t intend to waste my time on.

I browse the first few posts that appear on my feed when I open it and sometimes I do when I’m on my break at work, but that’s it.

That’s why my engagement is the lowest it’s ever been, but I don’t care, it’s a waste of time for me.

I know that sounds bad since I expect other people to watch my Instagram.

If I open Instagram, it’s to watch stories.

It’s the only thing that I still enjoy.

But also, I’ve muted stories of 80% of people I follow.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like those people,

Look, I love Sarahs Day but I really don’t need to be watching 30 stories of her life every day.

I don’t mean to be mean but I really don’t care whether she’s taking Abby for a walk or where she got her facial done today. Soz.

At the same time, Shona Vertue also shares probably the same amount of stories.

But I love watching her life in Bondi, she is funny, she has old school hip hop playing in the background and I want to be notified when she posts a new post.

It’s really just about how those stories affect you specifically.

Give it a go. Filter your Instagram nonsense.

2. Listening to podcasts

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I used to listen to podcasts a lot before, mainly the fitness ones.

But then the whole fitness industry started boring me and I didn’t really want to listen to any more fitness stuff in my free time.

I was also overwhelmed by the amount of podcasts that are out there and felt the pressure to keep up with them all.

Also, Joe Rogan’s intense two hour chats are very interesting but way too long for me. 

Then I realised I don’t need to listen to the most popular ones or the most informative ones.

Just the ones that inspire me the most.

Honestly, the hardest part is doing a bit of research in what might interest you and saving them.

Then, you just need to give it a go. 

I personally walk everywhere, so I’m walking for around 1 hour every day.

So I just listen to podcasts instead of music. 

And they are not very intense, they are usually quite light-hearted or just inspirational.

Because that’s what I need.

And I’ve noticed it impacts my mood in such a massive way.

I’m listening to a few different ones but I’ve been OBSSESSED with Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert for past few months and never miss a new James Smith podcast.

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3. Gratuity journal

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Look, I’ve tried starting a gratuity journal a million times.

This is the only one I’ve stuck to.

I’m not really sure why, it’s just a bit more interesting.

I’ve heard this idea in one episode of Power Hour podcast actually.

I thought I’d give it a go and for some reason I’ve been keeping it for over three months now.

I fill it in every morning after waking up and each night before going to sleep.

And the questions are:

Three things that I’m grateful for. 

Three things that would make today amazing.

One affirmation.

One thing that’s in my control today.

And before going to sleep.

Three small amazing things that made me happy today.

One thing that I could have done better. 

4. Pillow app – sleeping

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I know, I’m probably the last person that should be your example when it comes to sleeping.

But I’m working on it. And that’s important, okay.

And ever since I’ve listened to Matthew Walker talking about the importance of sleep, I take it a lot more seriously.

I’ve been using Pillow App for over 9 months now and I love it.

It tracks the phases and quality of your sleep.

Also gives you suggestions and ideal bed time.

And you can also add notes that influence your sleep aka whether you were reading before bed, or drinking or what time you went to sleep. And then it gives you a summary of what aspects impact your sleep, whether positively or negatively. 

5. Reading every day

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You might have noticed that I’ve gotten back into the habit of reading regularly.

And I make conscious effort to make time to read every day.

It’s really impacting my levels of happiness and serenity.

I do read self development *eyeroll* books such as “Ego is the enemy” or “Chasing Excellence” but also change it up with some fiction. 

Sometimes heavy classics and sometimes lighter modern stuff.

Because I really really love exposing myself to different writing styles and genres. 

And I found that it really inspires me a helps me keep an open mind.

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There you have it.

Five things that I’m working on in the background.

What are yours?


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