30 Life Lessons I’ve Learned In Vietnam

1. If the meal doesn’t taste that good, add more soy sauce.

2. Happy hour is your best friend

3. After living in Australia, all the beaches seem average.

4. When ordering any drink, remember to say “no sugar” at the end.

5. Any shitty hostel breakfast can be edible if you bring your own peanut butter.

6. Not everything that’s hyped on Instagram, actually tastes good.

7. Don’t wear your Apple watch when jumping off the boat.

8. Vans are not appropriate hiking shoes. (Shocker ?)

9. Don’t sit in the middle row on a sleeper bus.

10. Traffic lights are to be regarded more of a decoration than guidance.

11. The further south you go, the better the food gets. (IMO ??‍♀️)

12. Rats, rats everywhere

13. Banh mi is an overrated sandwich

14. Hanoi is amazing for coffee

15. Views are better when there is no fog

16. Everyone in Mui ne speaks Russian

17. Some hostel dorm rooms are surprisingly sex friendly ?

18. Shitty beer is okay when it’s really cold

19. Vietnamese food is better in Melbourne than in Vietnam (don’t h8 me ???‍♀️)

20. Even when you’re at the least modernised part of Vietnam, they’ll still have Pringles and Oreos in the shop (still trying to get rid of that “if hungry buy Pringles” habit ? )

21. Vegetarian in Vietnamese is “chay”

22. When someone is trying to convince you to hire a car to get to a temple/sand dune because “it’s soooo far away, 5km”, it’s probably a 10 minute walk ?

23. Saigon is expensive

24. You can have the same conversation with every backpacker (“how long are you in Vietnam? / where are you going next?”) ?

25. Avocados taste different in Vietnam

26. When there’re good people around, you’re bound to have a good time

27. You don’t have to see all the “must see” places ?✋?

28. Kayaking is not my new favourite hobby

29. Improvising makes travelling better

30. Sometimes in Vietnam, just trying not to die is a good enough goal for the day ???



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