The Best Coffee In Melbourne — My Top 10

Look, I’m not gonna rave about how unique is the coffee culture in Melbourne.

Because if you’re not living in Melbs, you won’t be able to understand.

And if you do, you don’t need me to explain.

Let’s get right into it.

My top 10 list of best coffee in Melbourne.

And believe me, there is a lot to choose from.

I’ve just Googled it and Melbourne currently has 10 000 coffee establishments.

Just for comparison, London currently has 2 700.

Even though London’s population is twice as big.

With so many places to choose from, it can be sometimes hard to navigate between them and determine which ones you should try.

That’s why I’ve tasted coffee in most of the popular places in Melbourne to give you a comprehensive list of the best coffee you can find here.

1. Code Black Coffee (Weston Street, Brunswick)

Head into their main shop in Brunswick which also has an outside area perfect for a sunny day.

If you want to grab some beans for home, their selection is really impressive.

Don’t ask why and just order their avocado toast. Hands down my fave avocado toast I’ve ever had.

Their design and presentation runs in their stylish “black” theme and even the sourdough is black charcoal. Obviously.

2. Industry Beans (Rose Street, Fitzroy and Little Collins Street, CBD)

If you’re in Fitzroy, this is your go-to coffee hangout. On the weekends, it’s guaranteed to be packed with a wide range of local Fitzroy’s hipsters.

The menu includes different styles of filters and a varied choice of beans and they even have their own nitro cold brew on tap. It’s unreal.

They roast the coffee in Fitzroy and have a small branch on Little Collins too.

You’ll recognise their characteristic blue and white colours on the cups and bags of coffee. They also sell a lot of merch with their “IB” logo. And I might own their branded Frank Green takeaway cup. Best. Purchase. Ever.

Industry beans also offer coffee subscriptions for your home. With free shipping in whole of Australia. (I know that by a total accident, of course).

The CBD branch is small, always busy and looks like a lab.

You know, because there is a whole science about perfect cup of coffee.

And I dig it.

3. Patricia Coffee Roasters (Corner of Little Bourke and Little William Street, CBD)

Set in-between office buildings in the CBD, Patricia has a massive queue out of the door with people in business suits at any time during the day. It makes you wonder whether people in Melbourne actually work if the cafes are this busy.

There are no places to sit inside but there’s always lots of people chilling on the street just outside of Patricia’s.

They’ll give you a sparkling water while you wait for your takeaway and look at you with disgust if you order a soy milk flat white. (I only witnessed the latter as a spectator, lol).

Their coffee menu says White / Black / Filter. Because what else do you need to know, really?

4. Shamble (Flinders Lane, CBD)

This was actually my first coffee I had in Melbourne. I was walking down the street and intended to grab a coffee in the first place that appealed to me. Shamble sign outside said “Bagels Coffee Stuff”. I didn’t need more. The vibe of the place is simple and minimalistic but their coffee is exceptional.

5. Gold Drops (Little Collins Street, CBD)

Gold Drops do speciality coffee but also speciality tea. They have a wide selection of both and brew them with precision right in front of your eyes.

There is a “bar” area that you can chill at, watch them do their magic, small talk and get your water refilled. Extra points for friendly vibes.

6. Everyday Midtown (Little Collins Street, CBD)

In the middle of the city. Just another good quality little coffee stop.

Only a few seats at the window but a nice place to watch the world rush by.

I could definitely have this coffee everyday.

They also have a bigger branch in Collingwood.

7. Brother Baba Budan (Little Bourke Street, CBD)

Just the perfect place for that busy-and-on-my-way-somewhere-in-the-city quick takeaway coffee.

It’s very hipster, full of random decor and yeah, chairs hanging from the ceiling, because why not?

It also has that classic Melbourne “we make good coffee and we know it” vibe. And I like that.

8. Market lane (next to Queen Vic Market and Prahran Market)

This became my local because I was passing it almost every day in Prahran.

The coffee is solid and I loved the beans too. They will also make you a freshly brewed iced filter, if you ask nicely. And it’s out of this world.

And yes, baristas knew me by name.

9. Plantation (Melbourne Central, Level 2, CBD)

Who said that coffee in shopping centres can’t be delicious? Plantation is small and can be easily missed but it definitely shouldn’t.

10. Manchester Press (Rankin’s lane, CBD)

A laneway, a warehouse, coffee taken seriously, a simple brunch menu and a queue.

Does it get more Melbourne than that? I don’t think so.

Now I gave myself proper Melbourne coffee blues.

If you’re in Melbs, please have a coffee at one of these amazing places for me.

Or better yet, can you tick off all of them??

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