Why Are You Constantly Dieting But Never Losing Weight

Another summer is coming and you feel like you’ve failed that #summerbody yet again? You feel like you’re trying to lose weight all year round and the results are still not happening? Did you start wondering whether there’s some secret to it since all your efforts seem to be worthless?

I’m going to tell you some fundamental mistakes that people often do. And as a part of my summershredwithsuz series I want to explain to you what I mean when I say that if you want to get leaner, you should do it properly. These might sound simple and trivial, but trust me, they make all the difference. 

  1. You’re not setting specific goals

    The thing I hear often is that people actually don’t have a proper goal. They say they want to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get abs’, which is so vague and abstract that it is very hard to measure or reach. It also doesn’t act as a good enough motivation and it is easy for you to fall off the track as a result.

    The fact is, people work better under pressure. Your goals should be short, realistic, focused and measurable. Then you should reevaluate them after a few weeks. Let me just say that to ‘lose 3kg in 6 weeks’ is much more measurable and reachable than to ‘lose weight’.
  2. You’re constantly dieting

    The clue is in the title, you’re constantly dieting but since a strict regime is not sustainable for a long period of time, you’re not actually 100% committed. And because you are giving yourself an impossible task which is very vague, you make exceptions because ‘you’re at a family dinner’ or because ‘you deserve that tub of ice cream’. But since these breaks were not the plan all along, you feel guilty and feel like a failure, constantly setting yourself back.

    A much smarter approach is giving yourself ‘diet breaks’, time frames where you know you’re gonna eat some naughty food as well, you know you are not going to be as strict. And I tell you what, since it is not forbidden at that time, you are actually not going to go apeshit crazy. At the same time, you are prepared that you’re not going to see much progress but you’re acknowledging that it’s all in your control. And you don’t need to feel guilty either.
  3. You’re not measuring your progress

    You’re not weighing yourself, taking progress pictures or body measurements because that’s ‘taking it too far’ apparently. Or you feel intimidated taking an underwear mirror picture or you’re just so unhappy that you don’t want to face the truth by knowing these numbers.

    But how are you gonna measure your progress if you don’t have a starting point? How are you going to know whether you’re going in a right direction if you don’t know these things? I know the weight fluctuates a lot and you shouldn’t take it that seriously, but it is the easiest way of how to know whether what you’re doing is actually working. If after two weeks you are down a kilo, you look a bit better and you’ve got 1-2cm off your waist, it’s easier to stick to it. And there is no bigger motivation than looking at two pictures of yourself and seeing noticeable changes.
  4. You’re cutting the calories too much

    You’ve decided to stop eating dinner. You went from eating burgers and spaghetti to eating salad for lunch and a bunch of carrots for dinner. You’re hungry all day but you think that’s just a part of it. Yes, of course, you’re going to lose weight fast. But please, believe me, this stupid process is not going to get you anywhere. Unfortunately, most of the weight you are losing is the precious muscle and since there’s no way this is sustainable, once you start eating like a normal person again, you’re going to gain the weight again. Very stupid, very depressing.

    Instead, you should go for a sensible calorie deficit and be patient. I know, it takes longer, but it is so much more effective and rewarding.

  5. You’re completely cutting out the foods you love

    Similar thing, Jenna from work said she lost 5 kg in two weeks when she stopped eating carbs. So you start thinking this is some kind of secret, the magic pill. But if you cut out all the carbs from your life, no bread, no pasta, no rice, no potatoes, you’re going to lose weight, yeah, but you’re going to feel miserable and cranky and at some point, you’ll want them back, usually going crazy and eating 3 Krispy Creme doughnuts and a Domino’s pizza in one sitting.

    Wrong again. I know, it’s boring and it’s what you don’t want to hear but the best diet is the one that is sustainable for the rest of your life. Often, what you need to do is control the portions a little bit, think twice about eating another cookie, inserting treats occasionally, keep meals nice and balanced. It’s actually a lot less painful than you think it should be. Believe it or not. 

Are you ready to do it a little bit smarter this time? Join summershredwithsuz and show me the results you can get in the next 8 weeks. 

Don’t be stupid. Do it the smart way.


Sunshine Susan


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