Recipe: Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

When you wake up in the morning and realise you don’t have any bananas but pancakes are life so you improvise and create the most delicious macro friendly pancake recipe ever!!! 


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But I just want to make clear, even though the macros are a dream, I am NOT one of those people who sacrifice the taste just to make it more macro-friendly.

So this is not one of those recipes which gives you flat egg white protein omelette pancakes, lol


Anyway, the recipe 

? 100g of butternut squash

? 80g of egg whites 

? 30ml of almond milk

? 20g of Prana On salted caramel protein (if using whey protein, you can probably skip the almond milk, but I have NOT tested this!) .

? 20g of buckwheat flour (oat flour works too)

? 1tsp of baking powder

? 5ml of maple syrup

? dash of salt

? optional cinnamon, maca and cardamom

? dash of apple cider vinegar (not necessary but it makes them more fluffy)

  • Put diced pumpkin in a tupperware box and microwave for 2 minutes until soft, then mash it into a puree, or you can use pumpkin puree or you can bake it and blend it into a puree, that’s up to you
  • If the pumpkin puree sounds like too much effort for you, it works exactly the same with mashed banana too
  • Add all the rest of the ingredients and mix in a mixing bowl (no blender needed!)
  • Stir well and fry on a non stick pan (can add a little bit of coconut oil if necessary)

And listen to this, the macros are unbelievable (including 18g of PB) 382kcal 32C 11F 35P 

The dream! 

I usually top mine with maple syrup, greek yoghurt, microwaved frozen raspberries, and obvs peanut butter.

Or CoYo coconut ice cream, or chocolate chips, or banana, or blueberries, or ricotta or almonds. Toppings are the best part anyway.

Don’t forget to tag me if you try them! #sunshinesrecipes 

Also, comment below and let me know, when you’re making pancakes, do you make a pancake stack or you spread them out so that the toppings can get everywhere??



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