In OZ Like A Local: 10 Things That Documentaries Won’t Tell You

In this post I want to give you a few of my interesting insights of what it’s really like to live in Australia. 

It’s at the other side of the world after all.

And there are certainly a few things that we assume, certain things that we’ve heard of but can’t really imagine and certain things that we had no idea about. 

Note that these are mostly based on Melbourne. 🙂

1. Shorten every possible word

Life is too short, don’t waste it pronouncing unnecessary syllables

Arvo? Brekky? Tinnie? Chippies? Capp? Sanga?

2. Act shocked and appalled every time the weather is not great

Rain? In Australia? How does it dare?

At the same time

Complain when it’s too hot (but you also low-key love it)

You would’ve thought that people are used to it already. Nah. As soon as it’s over 30 degrees, everybody says ‘It’s so hot’ every 10 minutes.

3. Don’t EVER use a plastic straw

They basically don’t exist here anymore

Everyone is super environmentally friendly

And saying that you don’t recycle is pretty much an equivalent of saying you kill people in your free time

4. The weirder the better

Because there are so many ‘hipster/ trendy/ weird’ spots in Melbourne, after a while you get used to it. Vegan bars, vintage shops, feminist cafes, people dressed in craziest shit you can ever imagine.

And because everybody is weird, nobody is weird. Weird is good. Judgement free zone. 

5. The phrase ‘catch up’ could mean any kind of social meeting

It can be a coffee with a close friend, chat with a person you’ve just met, social gathering, interview or a date.

Basically, if you agree to ‘catch up’ you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. Keep it casual. Keep it vague. 

6. You kinda have to start drinking coffee

I feel like you cannot really imagine the coffee culture until you’ve been here.

Luckily, I was obsessed with coffee way before coming over but I know a few people who started drinking it after moving to Oz.

I mean, what are you going to order? A tea? Yeah, good luck with that.

7. There’s always so much going on and people are actually trying to attend as much of it as possible

Night markets launch this week, concert in St Kilda last week, new exhibition at the gallery, vintage market in Brunswick, new restaurant opened, you need to check it out.

8. Everybody is a foodie

And the food you can find here is from all over the world. And everybody’s tried and has their favourite of everything. Oysters, pho, dumplings, sushi, tacos, baos, acai bowls, burgers, steaks, banh mi, souvlaki, falafel, burritos, pizza, gnocchi… and I mean, that’s not even scratching the surface. 

9. Extra points if it’s organic

Organic. Sustainable. Australian grown. In season. Responsibly sourced. Homemade. Key words. 

10. The climate and surroundings are just different to Europe and you can tell

Palm trees everywhere for a start

A cockatoo chillin’ on your balcony

Very real possibility of sharks in the ocean

And some weird-ass looking ‘native-Australian’ flowers. 

Life is good

Everybody gets paid well. There’s minimum violence or crime. There’s always stuff to do. Food is amazing. Coffee is amazing. People are friendly. Climate is mild. Beaches are near. Travelling to Asia is super affordable. Public transport works and it’s super convenient (*In Melbs at least). Trams are free in the CBD. Ubers are cheap. It’s very multicultural. And everybody loves it.

It just feels like people are looked after well. But mind you, they are also very aware of it and appreciate it. Everyone I spoke to, anyway. 





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