Girls Should Do CrossFit MANIFESTO

The best raining program is not the one that burns the biggest amount of calories or the an online article recommended. It’s the one you can stick to.

Everyone should be doing the type of training they enjoy the most. Whether that’s CrossFit, running, boxing, swimming or cycling. But this article is aimed at the women who still haven’t tried anything they are truly passionate about and are considering about trying CrossFit.

Here’s why you should go for it.

Lifting will NOT make you BULKY

Hopefully, this misconception is a belief of the past but let’s just make this one clear at the beginning.

It’s funny how people act as if getting ‘bulky’ or building a significant amount of muscle mass is something that just happens to you without even trying.  A lot of bodybuilders would love if that was true.

Due to levels of testosterone, it’s much harder for women to build muscles. And whether your body gets smaller or bigger, primarily depends on a number of calories you’re eating.

Weightlifting has many benefits that are equally beneficial to women as they are to men. It improves bone density, hormonal balance, mental health, promotes the growth of lean muscle tissue which in turn burns more calories which often results in improved body composition and fat loss. Win-win-win.

In other words, weightlifting can change your body shapes and composition, which is not possible by just doing cardio. With weightlifting, you can build muscular lean legs, tighter waist, peachy butt and a strong upper body. And who doesn’t want that?

Thought so.

You’ll feel like a badass

When girls start doing CrossFit, they actually fall in love with weightlifting. That’s simply because being able to overhead squat or jerk or snatch progressively heavier makes you feel like a badass, makes you feel strong and unstoppable.

And that feeling is kind of addictive.

You won’t feel intimidated

When some girls start with weightlifting at the gym, they might feel intimidated because they think that other guys are lifting heavier. And since it’s usually guys that do Olympic lifting or bench pressing at the regular gym, they might even feel like they don’t belong to the weight room.

At the CrossFit “box”, there are usually so many girls that you don’t feel intimidated at all. And contrary to the popular belief, nobody cares how much you’re lifting. As long as you give it your best, you’ll definitely get a pat on the back.

Everybody is good at something

Because CrossFit consists of so many movements and types of training, there is always one aspect in which you’ll be better than another one.

So even though you might not be able to squat as heavy as someone else, you might beat them in running. That’s why nobody feels superior to other people since everybody has respect for everybody else. Which is just an amazing environment.

Perfect for all-round training

When following good CrossFit programming, every session includes strength training, mobility, cardio, as well as gymnastic skills. The training is varied and develops different aspects of your fitness. This includes strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility and balance.

All the movements are always scalable to your level of fitness, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to complete a workout.


When it comes to weightlifting, it is essential that you get some expert guidance on your technique. In CrossFit, you get this support at every session. This prevents injury, helps you to improve and gives you support and motivation.

Another benefit is that the training and workouts are already laid out for you when you come in. There is no need to think about it beforehand. Just turn up.

Chasing performance, not aesthetic goals

While it’s great that more and more girls go to the gym because they want to build a better and stronger body, doing so just to pursue aesthetic goals is a bit empty, isn’t it?

These physique goals are abstract. Girls want to build a booty, want to get lean, want to get abs… That’s very nice, but the problem is that girls are never satisfied with the way they look, and these goals aren’t measurable, so they might seem hard to reach.

In contrast, setting performance goals is much more concrete and tangible. They make you feel accomplished while also improving your body composition in the process.

It’s just so much more satisfying to PR your squat, get your first pull-up or run your fastest mile.

No need for a ‘leg day’ or cardio

More and more people from the fitness community started to move away from the idea of a traditional ‘bodybuilding split’ where you dedicate a whole session on a particular part of the body and then ignore it for a week. More and more people started saying that engaging more than one body part in a workout proves much more effective for fat loss or just improving your fitness.

CrossFit workouts are built around compound movements that work the whole body, such as Clean, Squat, Snatch or Deadlift. They work your whole body without having to do isolated “boring” exercises that are so common in traditional bodybuilding.

You are probably familiar with the classic “I hate cardio” gym chat. But this is because running on treadmill for half an hour is utterly boring. No wonder nobody enjoys it.

CrossFit incorporates cardio into workouts in organically and in short spurs, alternating it with strength work. Nothing like the 20 minute treadmill torture.


CrossFit box is different to your ordinary gym. People don’t come there to just do their workout with their headphones on and go home. Everyone knows each other, encourage you to lift heavier, high-five you after a WOD and share those moments with you.

I’m not saying that you should join a cult and sign up for CrossFit and never do any other training ever again, I’m just saying it might be worth trying.

You never know. You might never look back.

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