8 Best Things I’ve Eaten In Melbourne So Far

When it comes to food and coffee, I believe there’s nowhere like Melbourne. I’ve read somewhere that there are so many cafes in Melbourne that if you were to go to a different one every day, you still wouldn’t visit all of them in a year. 

Well, what can I say, I’m trying my best, haha. 

Since arriving 10 weeks ago, I’ve eaten a fair bit of epic food. And I’m here to give you 8 of my personal favourites I’ve eaten in Melbourne so far. (Not in order)

Baos from Wonderbao

There’s something about those milky bao buns that makes them soo satisfying for me. I actually researched the best baos online and I was properly looking for this small (slightly hidden) bao spot for 10 minutes. Definitely worth it. 

> Went for pork belly with cucumber, hoisin sauce, pickled carrots and daikon and crispy chicken with cabbage slaw and mayo gua baos.


Avocado Toast at Code Black Coffee

So many avocado toast variations were eaten in the past 10 weeks. And it makes me happy every time.

Code Black Coffee version stood out big time though. 

Avocado on charcoal sourdough toast with kale & pepita pesto, pistachio & hazelnut dukkah & preserved lemon and poached eggs

So tasty. And the nutty dukkah on top just sent me right to heaven!

Coffee was epic too. Obviously.


Crispy Tofu Vegan Burger at Herbivore Eatery

Black charcoal burger bun, miso mayo, picked cabbage, pickled cucumbers, organic tofu, sweet chilli sauce, lettuce, sprouts.

I was seduced by the Instagrammable red and black burger buns but the burger was so tasty and full of flavour I really didn’t expect that. Definitely coming back for more!


Death by Chocolate smoothie bowl at Soul Press

> Coconut blended with banana, cacao, prana protein, almond milk, topped with caramelised buckinis, strawberries, coconut chips, chocolate goji berries, muesli, noshu doughnut and I added peanut butter.

I know, guys, I know. Unreal. Look, you know me, I’ve tried and I’ve created some pretty good acai bowls in my life. Smoothie bowls are kinda my thang,  so I’m not easily impressed.

Smoothie bowl mix itself was delicious, proper toppings overload, peanut butter, happy Suz.


Netflix ‘n’ Chill Doughnut at Bistro Morgan

> Filled with brownie batter, topped with chocolate, popcorn crumb, caramel drizzle and chocolate brownie pieces.

Yeah, as good as it sounds.


Peanut butter vegan ice cream from Girls and Boys of Fitzroy

I’m always up for vegan ice cream. Always up for peanut butter. So good!


Matcha Made In Heaven vegan pancakes at Matcha Mylkbar

I rarely go for pancakes when eating out because, honestly, I make them so good myself that I’m scared I’ll be disappointed. These were unreal though. So fluffy and delicious. Extra points for salted caramel ice cream.

Gluten free matcha pancakes, salted caramel ice cream, ‘Citizen Cacao’ raw chocolate sauce, candied cacao nibs, blood orange, apple, candied peanuts.


Thrilla from Manilla ice cream dessert from Messina

Asian inspired dessert at Night Noodle Markets.

There’s one thing that’s even better that ice cream. A dessert that involves ice cream.

Brown sugar and banana gelato wrapped in banana bread, filo pastry, deep fried and served with custard and chocolate peanut crumb.


So much more delicious food in Melbourne waiting to be eaten though.

Wishing you loads of ‘foodgasm’ moments!



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