1. Getting used to the famous phrase “How are you going?”

2. Be prepared for a 10C temperature drop in a span of 2 or 1 days. And everybody just comments it by saying “That’s Melbourne”.

3. Everybody loves coffee. ?

4. “Where do you come from?” is an acceptable conversation opener even with people with Australian accent because they are probably not from Melbourne originally.

5. Nobody understands the phrase “to sit in” in a cafe. Start using “to have here”.

6. People are fascinated with anything European. And don’t understand our fascination with beaches.

7. Asian food is life.

8. Everybody hugs each other.

9. Each suburb has its own unique character and vibe and people usually stay within in. Nobody goes to the centre (CBD) unless they have to and people from the “North” don’t usually venture “South” and vice versa.

10. Nobody goes to the supermarket to get a sandwich (they don’t usually even sell many) for lunch. There’s probably at least 10 amazing cafes or lunch spots around.

11. When I say I’m from Slovakia, everybody goes “Wow, that’s cool” and then double checks “That’s Europe, right?”

12. Everybody is a foodie and loves to indulge in food and drinks. If you don’t know what oysters taste like, that’s weird.

13. Bars don’t use straws because it’s not environmentally friendly and they’re saving sea turtles.

14. Veg and fruit tastes so much better here.

15. Everybody eats healthy and goes to farmer’s market to buy organic veg and meat on the weekends.

16. There’s so much diversity and weird people that nobody judges anyone. Ever.

17. People from Melbourne say that Melbs is way better and cooler than Sydney. Sydney people say the opposite. Except for when Melbourne people say it, it’s actually true. LOL 

Sunshine Susan


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