90% Of The Guys I’ve Slept With Had Abs… Is It Important?

This is not a clickbait.

I’m not writing this because sex sells, sex is interesting.

But I have something to say and I feel like it needs to be talked about.

90% of the guys I’ve slept with had abs, it’s true. 

And yet, I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT IMPORTANT. I really don’t care. Couldn’t give a fuck. Honestly.

The only correlation I see (in the least cocky way possible) is that because they had abs a.k.a. good body, they had the courage to hit on me. More on that one later.

Let’s rewind a little bit.

Why do people strive to have a good physique? And I don’t mean overweight people. I mean people who look alright, totally normal, but want to look better.

And I totally agree with James Smith on this one.

They want to be able to fuck more better looking people. 

And when they do, they want to do so with the lights on.

It’s fucked. But it’s true.

For some reason, we think that to be able to sleep with a fit girl with a booty, it helps if you have abs. 

But I’ll tell you a secret. It doesn’t  matter.

I’m not here trying to pretend that looks don’t matter, I’m definitely attracted to muscle, but whether you have 18% or 8% bodyfat, don’t give a fuck.

In my little unintentional research, I’ve found  that the more perfect a guy’s body is, the more boring he probably is to hang out with. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some exceptions to this rule but…

Here’s some little jewels that guys with rock solid abs have told me. 

  • “Sorry, I don’t eat out because it’s hard to make it fit my macros.”
  • “We can have a pizza when it’s my cheatday.”
  • “Do you want to come over to mine and bring your meal-prepped meal?”
  • “I don’t drink beer, it’s too much carbs.”
  • “I’m not getting coffee, I already had a preworkout.”
  • “I can make you protein pancakes.” “I don’t know, looks like a lot of sugar.”

Legit. True story.

When I hear that, I’m out, I’m running the opposite direction, I don’t care how shredded you are. Fuck that.

I’ll tell you what’s more important than having abs.

Not being boring.

Caring about other things than the way you look.

Being good in bed.

Be willing to skip the gym to hang out.

Drinking margaritas and eating nachos at 2am.

Being passionate. 

Being flexible.

Being able to have a deep conversation.

Being playful.

Being confident.

Making me laugh.

It’s funny how guys still think they can impress me just by being shredded.

Not enough.


I’m bored already. Literally yawning in my head.

It just makes me sad that guys strive for this stupid goal so much.


I know we always talk about how girls should be confident and that they should be okay with cellulite and all of that.

But look at the guys too!

We’vd been so conditioned by social media that all the guys are expected to have muscle, be lean as hell and have abs.

Nah, stop it, you don’t have to.

I’m really not that impressed by the fact that you haven’t eaten a piece of cake or a pizza in months. Really not.

I feel like I’m repeating myself but here’s what I am impressed by:

  • A guy cooking me a meal
  • A guy snatching triple digits
  • A guy making me a priority 
  • A guy who rocks my world in bed (oh, come on, it’s a post about sex after all)
  • A guy who is smart
  • A guy who wants to train with me
  • A guy being a gentleman 

Good news

No need to have abs.


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